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Our business advisory solutions will empower you to transform and maximize the performance of your teams and individuals - and deliver an immediate impact in your organization.

We equip businesses with knowledge to make hard-headed business decisions, which will increase your bottom line by decreasing staff turnover, identifying the right talents and creating a more efficient and productive organization. Spanning the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and retaining staff, to developing and managing performance, our solutions will give you another degree of reference and certainty in all of your people decisions.

Looking beyond professional qualifications and relevant work experiences, The DRT Profiling System enables us to assist Business Leaders in the following key areas:

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Understand the personal factors that may be affecting the candidates ability to perform in a role, and assess compatibility of the candidate with the hiring manager and existing team members

Identify and retain your most valuable employees, understand where they're at in their individual careers, and understand what drives them

Identify your key talent for promotions, determine their leadership qualities and understand their motivation

Foster effective management approaches and equip managers with the essential tools to communicate with employees and lead effectively


Our solutions can help you put the right people in place, and minimize the risk of wrong hires. It can help you build a high-performance team by understanding the strengths and limitations of each team member, in terms of their problem-solving and decision-making abilities, as well as their leadership potential.

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